Kevin Kneupper, the writer, is a patent litigation attorney in Austin, TX. He spends his time trying to understand complicated techno-babble from engineers, traveling to random countries, and writing comics.


Josh Montreuil is the penciller / inker for Issue One of Bound, colorist for pages 1-10 of that issue, and did a number of the character designs. 

Mason Cook:

Mason Cook is the penciller / inker for Issues Two and on of Bound. Mason is a concept / comic book artist based in Australia, where working from home is making him increasingly paranoid and socially awkward. Mason can be found periodically leaving the safety of his home to brave the mean streats of "Yuppieville" for his beloved "Cappuccino with three sugars" from a nearby coffee shop, only to hasten a quick retreat back to the safety of his cave before anybody tries to speak to him. 



Walter Pereyra is the colorist for pages 11-20 of Issue One, as well as the ongoing issues. 

Adam Pruett is the letterer. Adam letters for MonkeyBrain, Antarctic Press, Image, Arcana, and others. His website can be found at http://www.bigredh.net.

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